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A2zebra, an innovative German edtech startup, has successfully secured €500k in a new financing round. The Berlin-based company aims to revolutionize math learning for young children with its AI-powered product, TukToro. This round saw contributions from notable investors. These include: Tonies founders Patric Faßbender and Marcus Stahl, alongside successful AI pioneers such as Roland Fassauer and the SB21 investor group, led by Robert Maier. TukToro is a tool designed to make math learning engaging and intuitive for children starting from the age of four. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to enhancing educational experiences through digital innovation.

Revolutionary learning tool

TukToro introduces children to mathematics through a blend of digital and tactile play. By integrating a physical play figure with a companion app available on iOS and Android platforms, it offers a unique learning experience. Children interact with the figure by shaking it. It then activates the dice inside whose results are then used in arithmetic games tailored for their age group. This method not only makes learning fun but also imparts basic media skills and fosters an early understanding of numbers.

The application of AI is central to TukToro, with the technology adjusting game difficulty and suggesting new challenges based on the child’s learning pace. Moreover, TukToro’s design includes LEDs for immediate feedback, enhancing the learning experience. “The combination of haptic experiences with the TukToro figure and digital interactions on the end device appeals to children’s various senses and increases learning progress and motivation,” said Elisha Benner, co-founder and CEO of TukToro.

Expanding horizons

With the funding, a2zebra plans to launch TukToro in the market, further develop its AI platform, and support the company’s growth. Production of the first 5,000 TukToro units has already commenced, signifying the start of a new chapter in educational toys. The company is also preparing for a subsequent financing round to enhance production and sales efforts.

TukToro’s effectiveness is currently being validated through extensive testing in Berlin schools and learning institutes, including the Center for Dyscalculia Therapy in Pankow. These tests aim to refine the app’s features, including upcoming analysis functions for parents and teachers to monitor and support children’s learning journeys.

Sebastian Heide-Meyer zu Erpen, CTO at Tonies and an advisor at TukToro, encapsulates the shared vision: “At Tonies, we have started to explore the potential of AI storytelling to engage children’s imaginations. Our goal is to give children responsible and child-friendly access to technology. We share this mission with a2zebra, and I look forward to supporting the team with my knowledge.”

This partnership highlights a shared commitment to using technology responsibly in educating and inspiring the next generation.

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