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Berlin-based World Fund has announced a significant milestone, raising €300M for its first fund. This positions the venture capital firm as a trailblazer in European climate technology investments. The fund is the largest of its kind for a first-time climate tech VC in Europe, signaling a robust interest in sustainable technologies.

About World Fund

World Fund, established in 2021, is not just any venture capital firm. It’s a beacon for startups focusing on decarbonising critical sectors such as energy, buildings, transport, and agriculture. With investments in 15 early-stage companies, including SpaceForge and Juicy Marbles, it’s clear that World Fund is on a mission. “We look for founders building companies and technologies with the potential to scale, deliver significant cuts in CO2 emissions, and power systemic change,” Danijel Visevic, managing partner at World Fund, shared with TNW.

Climate tech’s rising star

The recent fundraising success by World Fund comes at a crucial time. The past year has seen a notable downturn in VC funding, making capital scarce for many promising startups. However, World Fund’s focus on substantial investments in climate tech startups seems to be a strategic advantage. This sector has shown resilience despite the broader VC funding challenges.

“We are on a mission to ensure that the best of European climate techs do not fail due to the dearth of funding beyond the earliest stages,” Višević explained. The fresh capital will support over 25 European climate tech and deep tech startups, including a co-led €25mn founding round in UK-based Mission Zero.

A pivotal moment for climate action

The remarkable size of World Fund’s first fund is not just a win for the firm but a lifeline for emerging companies. It signals the maturing of the climate tech sector, attracting institutional investors who previously hesitated to back first-time VC funds. Notably, the fund attracted the European Investment Fund, UK Environment Agency Pension Fund, and PwC, among others.

Our climate is at a pivotal juncture and institutional investors, like many people and organisations worldwide, are increasingly aware of the urgent need to take action and invest in the technologies that will deliver a regenerative world,

Danijel Visevic, managing partner at World Fund

With its strategic investments and the support of prominent backers, World Fund is poised to make a significant impact on the European climate tech landscape. This is a testament to the firm’s vision and the growing recognition of the importance of sustainable technology in addressing climate change.

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