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Empion, a Berlin-based innovator in HR software solutions, has successfully raised €6M in a seed funding round led by Cavalry Ventures.

This funding boost arrives one year after a €2.4M pre-seed round. The new round features contributions from Redstone VC, Basinghall Partners, and prominent HR tech industry angels. Empion is revolutionising professional recruitment, employing AI and cultural matching to connect talent and employers efficiently and effectively.

Revolutionising recruitment with AI

Founded by Dr. Annika von Mutius and Dr. Larissa Leitner in 2021, Empion offers an automated headhunting solution. It utilises AI technology for a seamless talent-company matchmaking based on skills and cultural fit. This approach ensures a better success rate and stronger employee loyalty, while also speeding up the application process. Clients such as Personio, Volksbanken, and Mazars are already benefiting from Empion’s innovative services.

Investor spotlight: Cavalry Ventures

Cavalry Ventures, a Berlin-based European early-stage venture capital fund, focuses on seed and pre-seed investments, boasting over €260M in assets under management. Their extensive network provides valuable resources and support to portfolio companies, facilitating growth and development across various sectors. Their impressive portfolio includes more than 50 companies, such as Forto, McMakler, and PlanRadar.

Empowering talent and businesses

Empion’s vision is to transform the job search and recruitment process. The idea is to create a more personalised experience for job seekers and employers alike. Empion’s AI-driven approach facilitates deeper understanding and continuous development of corporate culture and offers a unique, automated solution for talent search. As the job landscape continues to evolve, Empion’s role becomes increasingly crucial, particularly for Gen Z professionals navigating frequent job changes and seeking workplaces that align with their values.

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