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Melita Limited has announced the acquisition of Crout GmbH, a leading German firm in IoT connectivity and technical consultancy. This move is set to extend Melita’s international operations for its IoT connectivity solution, The deal promises a broader spectrum of services and global reach for IoT applications. “Melita expands its IoT connectivity portfolio by acquiring Crout GmbH, a German leader in IoT solutions, promising enhanced services and global reach for IoT applications,” the company stated, highlighting the significance of this merger in broadening its IoT services landscape.

Crout, established in 2013, is celebrated for its innovative approach within the IoT industry. It offers a comprehensive array of solutions enabling businesses to streamline the deployment and management of their connected devices. Crout’s dedicated M2M management platform and its expertise in addressing complex connectivity challenges have set it apart in the IoT field.

Enhanced capabilities and customer benefits

With this transaction, Crout is poised to merge its inherent agility with the steadfast reliability of a Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

Frank Kiesewetter, Managing Director and shareholder of Crout

Teaming up with Melita, Crout will effectively evolve into an extended MNO, enhancing connectivity solutions across diverse IoT applications.” This merger aims to leverage the strengths of both entities to offer superior connectivity solutions.

Post-acquisition, Crout’s customers will benefit from’s enhanced services, including roaming and an improved IoT management platform. In Germany, access to Melita’s LoRaWAN based network will complement Crout’s IoT use cases, offering expanded functionality.

Melita CEO, Harald Roesch, highlighted the strategic importance of acquiring Crout: “The acquisition of Crout further strengthens our fast-growing IoT connectivity business whilst also introducing new skill sets and capabilities that enable us to provide a more complete offering to clients.”

He also pointed out the advantages for Crout’s connectivity customers. For example, better international coverage and more flexible data bundles, facilitated by a user-friendly portal for remote SIM management.

About Melita, part of the Melita Group, is devoted to delivering competitive and flexible IoT connectivity solutions, emphasizing a digital-first approach and superior lifecycle support for customers. As a GSMA™ member and active participant in the LoRa Alliance®, Melita underscores its commitment to industry standards and innovation, ensuring its services remain at the forefront of IoT solutions.

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